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The Peak Ibur

Ibar is a peak in Eastern Rila, Bulgaria. Its height is 2666 m. Its tip has a conical shape. Northeastern part is rocky and urvesta with sharp peaks above the circus terrace where is located the lake Ibar. East wall is alpine site.

The Peak Malyovica

The peak is high 2,729 meters. The northern and eastern slopes of Malyovica are some of the most visited by climbers rock walls in Bulgaria. Northern vertical wall in Malyovitsa is 124 meters high and it is a symbol of the Bulgarian alpinism. The first ascent of the north face of Malyovitsa is August 23, 1938. North of the peak in crest plateau in Malyovo field are three beautiful lakes. They are called Malyovishki.

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The Peak Botev

Botev is the highest peak in the Balkan Mountains at an altitude of 2376 meters, in Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district. By 1950 called Yumrukchal, then renamed in honor of Hristo Botev - Bulgarian poet and writer.

The peak is located in the Central Stara Planina, near Karlovo and Kalofer. It is a large pasture with a granite base, suffering from significant erosion caused by large-scale construction and installation of multiple cable runs. Of Mount Botev built meteorological station and television station and relay (open on July 10, 1966), which covers a television and radio signals over 65% of the territory of Bulgaria.

The Peak Krastsite

Krustcite Peak is one of the 20 highest peaks in the Balkan Mountains.

The peak Small Ambaritsa

The peak Small Ambaritsa is  one the highest peaks of Stara Planina. It is high 2,150 m asl.

The Peak Zliya Zab

The high peak Evil Tooth in Stara planina (Old Mountain) - 2000 m.

The Mount Momin Kamak

Mount the girl rock. Legend tells us, that one girl was thrown from the top to escape his captors.

The peaks Great and Small Kupen

Great and small peaks Kupen of Stara Planina

The peak Great Kupen

Great Kupen a sharp rocky peak in the Central Stara Planina with typical alpine profile. Part of the traverse from a hut Dobrila to Botev Peak. Is 2,169 m high on the west by a narrow saddle is connected to the neighboring Mount Small Bought. At the foot between the two peaks is the only alpine lake in the Balkan Mountains - puddle. East ridge narrows significantly and gradually passes through the rocky ridge Krustcite. From hut Ambaritsa tip can be climbed for about 2 hours and 30 min technically difficult sections are secured with metal railing. Upon termination of the time recommended emergency descent south to the trail to the hut Vasil Levski.